The PowerCore team had a blast at San Diego Comic Con 2016! We launched a brand new App called “PowerCore Collector” that lets you unlock Messenger Stickers with the Toys and Smart Stickers you buy from us and our friends (like Hyperactive Monkey & SkullBunnies), we debuted and then Sold Out (!) of Martin Hsu‘s “Kindreds” SDCC Exclusive designer toy, and we had the privilege of carrying some amazing toys from our friends in Japan including 1000Toys‘s Mechatro WeGo’s, Chima Group‘s Amedas Exclusive, the deadly but lovable T-Con from ToyConUK and hand painted custom Sofubis from Uamou (which also sold out!). On top of that, if you visited our booth, you got to grab one of our funny #Conlife vinyl stickers designed by the inimitable Tu-anh Nguyen!

…and we could not have done it without you!

We would also like to thank the organizers, the tireless bloggers, the prolific and inspiring artists and most importantly, our friends who brought us coffee, snacks and company all through out the Con. Special Thanks to Martin Hsu who had us as guests at his booth #4530 this year and to Rotofugi for giving us some additional shelf space at their booth too!

Finally, if you weren’t able to make it to the Con, we made our PowerCore Collector App just for you! The Stickers for #Conlife are free for all to use and we hope folks who live the #conlife continue to use it every day and if you do, we’d love a good review. 😉 We also have a few SDCC Exclusives that we’ll put up in the PowerPop Online Shop. You can always access our Shop via the Collector App on the second page. We have a lot of plans for the App so stay tuned for updates and you never know, one of the toys you bought from us just might unlock something new in the future so hold onto those PowerCore Codes!

Thank you again,
Team PowerCore

PowerCore Collector SDCC Exclusive Vinyl Stickers!

Did you manage to Collect All Seven Stickers this year?


PowerCore x Uamou!


Chima Group Amedas!

TCon ToyConUK!

Mechatro WeGo!

Thank you from PowerCore and we hope to see you next year!