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Do You Know Who Your Customers Are?

Data Controlled by Brands
Data Controlled by Developers
No Consumer Data
No Consumer Data

“Until now the movies studios didn’t know who their customers are.  Netflix knows who their customers are.  Movie studios are now desperate to get direct connection with their customers.”

– Chris Heatherly
EVP Games and Digital Platforms NBCUniversal

“When you know NOTHING about your customers, then you do what we did until now, which is broadcast.  Go as wide as possible, get as many people as possible blindly.  When you start to know a lot about your customers, then you can start to create depth with your customers.”

– Aaron Loeb
President of FoxNext Studios

Marketing Tools and Services that lead to Real Re-marketing Actions

Collect and View

Utilize PowerCore’s powerful Tools and Services to create channels for your customers to connect back to your Brand in real-time

Analyze and Interpret

The PowerCore Dashboard consolidates your physical and digital data to easily pinpoint effective partners, channels, and campaigns

Connect and Re-market

Create simple marketing lists to spend precious advertising money with greatly increased targeting over and over again

  • Drive Traffic to Highest Monetizing Properties
  • Direct Offline and Online Sales
  • Robust Marketing Channels for Licensors

Connect to

Your Customers

Convert your untapped pipelines into massive digital user acquisition channels

Traditional B2C

Targeted Users in the online world can cost anywhere from $5 – $10 per conversion

PowerCore B2C

By using current everyday sales and marketing tactics combined with PowerCore, Hardcore Fans in the real world become Valuable Digital Traffic!

  • Connect to Costumers Directly
  • Gain Targeted Traffic that’s Worth at Least $5-$10 per Conversion
  • Activate Hardcore Fans into Digital Traffic with One Touch Point

Utilizing iOS 11

Your Customer’s Mobile Camera just got smarter. Be ready for the next generation of visual marketing with the PowerCore Activation Solutions for Marketers and Businesses.

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