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Episode 73: Japan’s Toys to Life is the Future of Gaming – PowerCore

February 14, 2017 – Disrupting Japan Podcast

Tim Romero interviews PowerCore CEO & Founder Jia Shen on the latest episode of the Disrupting Japan podcast.

Gaming is very different in Japan than it is in America, but PowerCore is introducing technology that could lead to major changes in both of them.

Today Jia Shen explains what the future holds for Toys to Life, and why he decided to start his company in Japan.

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Toys-To-Life And Gaming Industries Turn To Startups For Innovation

January 31, 2017 – Small Business Trends

PowerCore’s technology and promotional activities were featured in a recent article on Small Business Trends.

Jia Shen is the CEO and founder of PowerCore, a company that helps make digitally activated toys and objects for gaming experiences. At a recent DesignerCon in Pasadena California, Shen and his team partnered with fellow exhibitors in a digital version of a scavenger hunt to demonstrate the potential for augmented reality beyond games like Pokemon Go.

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Digital Activation Is the Future of Gaming

October 12, 2016 – Inc.

PowerCore CEO & Founder, Jia Shen talks to Inc. about the future of Gaming and Toys.

Revitalizing Toys for the Digital Sector

Jia Shen, founder, and CEO of PowerCore works with game creators and toy makers alike to help them integrate these trends in order to open up new markets. He explains “With consumers becoming more digitally engaged we are seeing the rise of licensed products like Lego and Funko’s toy blanks. This development opens up the possibility for customization and activating everyday toys or objects into the digital space.” These two industries are about to compliment one another as movers in the industry like Mattel, Lego, and Funko change their approach to gaming.

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Toys to Life, Augmented Reality, What’s Next in the Gaming Industry?

September 09, 2016 – Huffington Post

PowerCore CEO & Founder, Jia Shen talks to Huffington Post about whats next in the Gaming Industry.

PokemonGo, Augmented Reality, Connected Gaming, is it just hype or is something changing in mobile gaming?

Shen: Gaming has often been about diving into a fantasy or partaking in a different universe. Pokemon Go, AR, and other technologies only become relevant when they contribute to creating these kinds of experiences. Pokemon Go is a great example of a generation of Pokemon hunters finally being able role-play that narrative of walking in the real world and catching pocket monsters. Statistically speaking, games that break this barrier open up the industry to new audiences that weren’t playing games on mobile. These games are conquering the charts, while only slightly impacting other games already in the market.

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The Startup that Makes Kids’ Stuffed Animals Come to Life

August 29, 2016 – OZY Magazine

A candid chat with CEO & Founder, Jia Shen as he talks to OZY magazine about how we got started and where PowerCore is going. 

They began as “two Asian-American guys who had no business using MySpace,” he laughs, and at first he says people wondered, “Who are these jokers trying to make money off this space?” Today, it’s a given that social-media-embedded apps can be lucrative. Edith Yeung of 500 Startups met Shen while he was the RockYou CTO. “He’s a really well-respected entrepreneur in Silicon Valley,” she says.

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PowerCore seed funding announced in China Times

March 16, 2016 – China Times (Taiwan)


KKday的A輪融資的領投者為AppWorks之初創投、九易資本等;而PowerCore則是由500 Startups、East Ventures、Golden Gate Ventures 與Cherubic Ventures(心元資本)。

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Online merchandise platform for gaming firms PowerCore raises US$2M funding

March 15, 2016 – E27 (Singapore)

The startup helps brands produce various merchandise and transform physical merchandise to virtual character in mobile game. Users get rewarded digitally for their actions in the real world ­— be it purchasing merchandise, going to a company’s booth at a show, or anywhere where people can interact physically with a brand. Users simply scan the PowerCore tag with their mobile device and they are rewarded immediately.

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PowerCore seed funding announced on PanX

March 15, 2016 – PanX (Taiwan)

PowerCore 替遊戲公司打造智慧玩具、品牌周邊與活化虛擬體驗,今天宣布完成種子輪兩百萬美元融資。此輪投資者包括 500 Startups、East Ventures、Golden Gate Ventures 與 Cherubic Ventures(心元資本)。

PowerCore 同時正式開幕第一個基於 PowerCore 技術的線上市集,商品支援 PowerCore 的數位標籤,能夠串聯實體互動與虛擬體驗。第一波的合作來自 Huck Gee 的熱門遊戲 Battle Tails,市集內的獨家商品包括了印刷品、貼紙、服飾與生活用品等等

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